W H E N   T O N E   A N D   Q U A L I T Y   R E A L L Y   M A T T E R S


Blues Fifteen

Strat Clean

Strat Dirty

Tele Clean

Tele Dirty

Les Paul Clean

Les Paul Dirty

Custom Reverb 36

Tele Twang

Tele Bluesy

Strat Jazzy

Gretsch Chat style

Electric Raggae

Club Forty



Les Paul

ES 335

SG P90

Custom Reverb 18

Strat Clean

Strat Lead

Strat Crunchy

Tele Clean

Tele Lead

Tele Chrunchy

Les Paul Clean

Les Paul Dirty

ES 335 Clean

ES 335 Bluesy

Stage 40 Nord

Description sound clips, Club Forty, Stage 40 Nord

All the tracks were recorded by an amazing Swedish guitarist, with the guitar straight into the amp - no effects between the guitar and the amplifier.

The speaker was miked with a Shure SM 57 and a Royer 121 ribbon mike running through two Chandler Germanium prea amp/di´s.


Description sound clips, Blues Fifteen

Recording of these clips have been done by an excellent guitar player using a SM57 and a Royer 121 ribbon mic. The two tracks has then been mixed together. No effects has been used.


Description sound clips, Custom Reverb 18

Recording of these clips have been done using Pro Tools. The sound card used is a Digidesign 003 Rack+ and the

Microphone pre amp is a Trident B-Range. No EQ is used on the pre amp. Two Shure SM-57 has been used, one for each speaker.

No external effects has been used, the guitar is connected directly to the amp.


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