The Wizard Overdrive is a versatile low to medium-high overdrive pedal with an exceptionally dynamic response. It's very sensitive to your playing technique and the feeling is like playing a great tube amp. The Wizard Overdrive has a very efficient Tone control and together with its High Cut and Low Cut control you have full control over its tonal characteristics. Thanks to its design with input and output buffers it can be used anywhere in your pedal chain without affecting the tone and you can also add boosters/overdrives in front of it with tremendous result.


Stage 40 Nord





















Our latest model Stage 40 Nord is developed together with Mikael Nord Andersson (producer/arranger/guitar player/composer -Scorpions, The Rasmus, Roxette...).

Stage 40 Nord is an 40 watt, EL34 based amp with a lot of headroom and well balanced mid. It has a built in spring reverb and Master volume and it works excellent with all type of pedals. Add a clean boost or overdrive pedal to this amp and you will nail all classic rock sounds. The amp is avaliable as both 1x12" or 2x12" combo.




Club Forty detailed demo by Magnus Olsson

Studio 18 demo by Hans Johansson

Stage 40 demo by Hans Johansson

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